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The Stay-Cation

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Staying home, really can be, the sweet deal!

A week ago I was scheduled to go to Denver, this morning through Sunday, for a conference. Then last Sunday, the mere thought of stuffing my body into someones back seat made me cry. And I realized, I could not go.

I am tired. My body is tired. My soul, weary. And with that, not only decided on a “stay-cation” this weekend, my mind soared with ideas of what I could do- and I knew I made the right decision.

On Wednesday, I had a cranio-sacral / reiki session … you never know where those sessions will go. And yet it lead me back to both the journey I unknowingly chose for this year, finding my value – and looking at my word for 2019: Possibilities.

On Thursday, I would get a luscious massage, in which my massage therapist would take a few of my thoughts and listen to her intuition and the perfect experience resulted.

Is it possible that with all life throws at us, that disconnect is created within our very being?

And the things we start to believe about ourselves, and life, are untrue? And can serenity, true joy, true love, be created within the realms of ourselves? Thus… is a stay-cation not as valuable as that trip to Vegas, Nashville or Hawaii? Certainly after this rather cold past few months, going somewhere warm is so inviting. …

And so is saying, “I’ve worked hard, I deserve that massage.” Or meditating twice a day (who knew life would go so much better)? And looking forward to spending the day doing what sounds fantastic to me – such as taking my dog for a walk, digging in the dirt and making a “tea box” and learning to paint daffodils. Trying a homemade batch of yogurt, participating in a world-wide event of meditation….and more so, going to bed early.

Making this very conscious decision – that I am tired – instead of pushing myself to do something my soul can’t wrap itself around (rather than buying into the belief “you can sleep when you are dead”), was the best gift I have given myself in, well months? Perhaps years.

It’s a gift you ought to consider giving, well, to you. To Yourself. And yes, a serious consideration from the travel concierge. Because it’s not as though you’ll stay home forever… it’s just, this once.

Happy Trails,

Mary, owner of Steppin’ Out with Stella

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