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Deliciously Delightful - A May Day Date!

I would almost not post this, not share, except that it's so delightfully wonderful - and sounds delicious, too - why wouldn't you take this opportunity?

Order your own Fresh Flowers, from Sheridan's delightful (she really is) Whirly Girl Flowers.

She has these Anemones (or Ranunculus,' not pictured) for sale, now through this Friday, April 24, 2020!! Get yourself a bunch, or even buy some for a friend! They will be available for pick up or delivery on May 1!

(click on the picture to be taken to the order form)

Oh my...dreaming in this purple.....

I know! Wyoming is scheduled to open May 1 or 2nd.... I know other states are opening up... or so we think. Yet, what if we don't? Or what if we do, yet we choose to spend yes, another "day in our wonderful life" at home? And fill it with beautiful flowers (it's May Day after all) and an "in-home" cooking class that you and a loved one (or maybe you don't love them anymore and you invite the neighbor over? I don't know! I know who I'd invite though they don't live close so it might not work, though I do believe in possibilities.... though that is IRRELEVANT) can prepare... you can order wine, too... or drink your own wine (because you already stocked up), there you go!

In addition, there is free MUSIC - and not your "oh my what is on Spotify" kind of music that goes with a dinner like this? (although I can share where to find the apparent "best new songs" that happened during the last 40 days, if you are interested)

Heck, I could even round up some fine dining table clothes for you - we could set the whole vibe for you. For you, and the neighbor. Or you and him. Or her.

I've never cooked with Jess, have you?

You'll get to make a Citrus Glazed Salmon, Portebella Mushroom & Sauteed Spinach over Red Quinoa, and finally a Coriander Buerre Monte. Some materials you'll need to have, though if you go register (by Friday), you'll get an email with all the deets. (click on the picture to get the link)

An experience to remember? One order serves two people.

And fear not.... remember, there is still free music to be shared!

Yes, Sheridan's own Whitney Center for the Arts is sharing music from the past performances. Click on the picture above, to go to their Youtube Channel.

Now there is a May Day Night in Sheridan to remember......

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