Our Services

Our Services are for both the traveler and for those who are local.

For the Traveler: For those travelling to Sheridan, let Steppin' Out with Stella do the planning, booking and making sure your time here nothing short of amazing! From making sure that your Rodeo tickets are purchased from the vendor rather than a 3rd-party, to finding you the photographer to capture your trip. From connecting you with the perfect fly-fisherman, to finding the hidden gems such as yoga and beer with the locals or that touch of home waiting for you when you arrive! We’d love to plan your adventure filled with the unexpected.

AT NO COST TO YOU, we put together your dream vacation based on your requests and specifications and send you a detailed itinerary of your trip and activities along with everything you need to know.  We invoice you via email for all activities in one simple invoice, due 2 weeks prior to arrival with no advance deposits required.


We even make dinner reservations, secure transportation, and are currently working on providing babysitting services.  No request is too big (or strange) – just call and ask!

For the Locals:  The same things above are available to you, as well as finding you the dog-sitter, delivery of fresh donuts and coffee, to name a few.  Again, no request is too big - just call and ask!