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A Mid-Summer's Eve....

This coming Wednesday, July 22, I invite you up to the Kendrick Mansion. A delightful evening - for people of all ages - and absolutely free.

From 6 to 8 pm, will you have the opportunity to play badminton and / or croquet (certainly I am better now than I was at 7), you'll have the luxury of enjoying a beautiful evening on lush green grass, with old tall trees shading you from the summer's heat. In addition, you'll get to see the beautiful flower gardens that surround the house.

You are encouraged to bring a picnic! or contact me if you need some ideas! or would like to surprise someone with one!

The Trail's End staff will be providing, safe social-distance, tours of thee authentically furnished house, taking you back in time to a period before internet, cell phones and fast cars! Oh, though, wait. There will be antique cars for your viewing, circling the front entry.

There will be live music to enjoy, whether you sit near by, or maybe you'll have a dance or two, it's entirely up to you!

Perhaps you'd like to add some garden attire, something that will make you feel a little more festive, without being over-dressed and yet fully useful for other outdoor activities, such as gardening at home, or Polo on a Thursday or Sunday....

Landon's Greenhouse has an assortment of sunhats, perfect for such an evening and pairing it with garden gloves by Foxgloves is sure to please (and makes you feel like you are a lady of leisure in 1873).

There will be free tours of the Kendrick's house, with the proper social distancing, and complimentary cookies and lemonade.

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