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A Journey For the Soul

If I hadn't made previous plans, I would definitely take the time, this weekend - as summer turns to autumn (per the calendar) - to journey to my soul. Does that sound scary? Yet isn't it what we do when we travel, anyways? Looking for that lost moment of happiness, when you were 10 and catching toads seemed like a way of life ? (my sister and I once, very proudly, caught a field mouse and from the kitchen window, my mom yelled, "put that thing down.") Looking for that moment of fulfillment?

And what better place to do this, than Sheridan's own, Soul Revival? Your hostess, Kyan Sanderson, is delightful, playful, warm and welcoming. As she embraces you into her space, a hip yet calming place with many reminders of a time that seems less stressful, you can't do anything except, accept. In a sense, a time to come home to that place you yearn for. If you think you aren't the creative type, or could benefit from such a retreat, I tend to disagree. To me, we are all creative - and as a woman, you create every day. You create both that email to the team and the curls in your hair. You manage the many open websites in your brain - and that, honey, takes some creativity. And meditation.....

What meditation has done for me in the last 6 months, is almost a miracle.

A time to get to know yourself, meet others that are seeking similar things, and to just,

S L O W , down and make time for play, again.

That sounds yummy. AND necessary. You don't have to know anything about yoga or meditation, or even how to create. You'll get a little of all of it, here. I'm guessing it's better than even knitting camp, no ripping out the purl stitches that were to be knitted!

Show up and see what happens.

I'd recommend getting up a bit earlier on Saturday and mosey on down to Andi's Coffee and Bakery (found on Broadway); I'd ask for the lavender latte - sounds like an oxymoron, it's not - it's delightful. Not too heavy on the lavender and yet you feel really, chill, drinking it.

Make sure to take your journal and sit a spell; enjoying a home-made pastry. Or if you are a knitter, take that. It's very open and "light" in there, great for being creative or reading (take a book, leave your phone behind)!

Later Saturday night, after dinner - or even FOR dinner, a few blocks south of that fun coffee house, is Luminous Brewhouse. While Luminous, of course, has hand-crafted beer, they also make their own Root Beer and Kombucha (both non-alcoholic). And this Saturday night, the Fired Up! Food Truck will be outside.

There will also be live music, all to raise money for the Second Chance Cat Brew Bash.

It's a very family friendly environment, even with live music and an fundraising going on for saving the kitty cats!

Sheridan is fortunate to be part of Jason's newest album "Kentuckian" release tour!

Catch him before he heads to Colorado.

You'll be home early, so that you can wind down and make it to your Sunday morning class with Kyan and Posha. I'm sure you won't want to leave, though after this weekend, I bet you feel like you carry home with you, wherever you go.

A little taste of home

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