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What’s Cooking Mexico? Actually what's cooking Sheridan, Wyoming?!

4th of July at the Equestrian Center; then the Rodeo. Polo Weekly, all sorts of things going on! - #Fireworks #Familyfriendly #Whynotyou #307 #Sheridanwyoming

How about you, relax? and we will take care of the details!

July is when Sheridan really starts to POP! Just like the #fireworks that will be seen, tonight out at the #Bighornequestriancenter

Today, you won't see the traditional 4th of July Parade - if you stood downtown waiting for it, I am sorry. No, our parade will be next week, on Friday, for the #SheridanWyoRodeo

Whether you are a local or you are visiting, there is lots to do... a lot to see. And just like those of us that live here, year around, all you need to do is decide... what is it that you want to do? who do you want to do it with? and then go do it!

Me, I'll be out at the Equestrian Center. Will I take Ruby? I'd sure like to, but the fireworks are not her friend.

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