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The Girl from Ipanema... or Wyoming.

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Actually I was born in Colorado, my brother and I. With the exception of a few years, after my sister was born, I spent all my childhood years, growing up in Wyoming. We moved, with what felt like, always .... and got to see most of the state. #travelwyoming #travelthe307 #vacationlikealocal

If you are in the Thermopolis area, of course you want to take advantage of the Hot Springs! There are two locally owned and operated pools, both offering something a little different.

Hellie's Outdoor Area

Hellie's Teepee Pools, ph: (307) 864-9250, and last I knew, you could get a "water massage." I'll add, you need to be comfortable in the water - however it's a very relaxing, somewhat inspiring massage!

There is also the Star Plunge, ph: (307) 864-3771, with it's outdoor slide. And as you stand, waiting your turn, you may get to see a buffalo or two.

Don't forget to eat! and drink! The best place to do so in Thermopolis is:

One Eyed Buffalo Brewing Company:

The food is American Fare, though you get lots of it at a reasonable price. The atmosphere is FUN! the #swag is like the name, #oneofakind and most of all, ask for the owner: Binky Fisher. He loves #thermopolis, he loves #wyoming, and he loves #people. And let him know Mary McDougall sent you. Not because I'll get a free burger and fries, but because my sister is one of his favorites.

And before all y'all get a little razzed, I graduated from Hot Springs County High School aka Thermopolis. And so this post is a little for my classmates that don't live in #wyoHOMEing anymore, yet want to come back. When they see something on Facebook, they get nostalgic ... and you'll see other posts about various Wyoming towns, because I spent a lot of time in a lot of areas...

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