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Taste of Sheridan

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

What have I been up to? I've continued to my networking to include some fabulous finds so that you can customize a basket and have it, upon your arrival. Whether you are coming for a family reunion, rodeo or just because, order yours today! While most of these sport food, other items can be gathered for you! Whether for you, or your host.

Chips and Salsa! Tortilla chips are made locally in the Big Horn area, and Red Pony Salsa is made in Clearmont, WY.

Order a small bottle (perfect for 1, will accommodate 2) though bigger bottles for 3-4 of wine.

Crackers, Beer, Sausage and Cheese... and maybe a hot rod if you're into them! We have local breweries that make their own craft beers on sight, so just ask.

The one featured, also makes Root Beer!

And while I have a slew of places to pick up specialty cheese, I also have a few local cheese makers; including one that makes fun flavored goat cheese!

Wake up! Another local selection of:

Sausage or bacon, sourdough bread or another French Loaf - both making an excellent choice for toast, with maybe a local jam, coffee and cream. Don't forget some #gettinaroundinagoodway mugs!

Why wait for breakfast?

I enjoyed this last night, though it most definitely could be for breakfast!

Fresh Bok Choy, tomatoes and carrots (yes, in JUNE) + Sourdough Loaf + Eggs + Fresh Dill Mayonnaise + Coffee. All locally sourced, so it's right here! You don't have to wonder how long it's been sitting. That dill mayonnaise hits your fried egg sandwich out of the ballpark.

Created this for a Dad! though who doesn't like a little junk food? Locally Sourced: Root Beer + Ice Cream + Lemon Curd + Flies for the Big Horns

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