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August 15th: National Relaxation Day

How do you relax? I think most people know "how" they like.... but in my research.. in "googling: #1 Way People Relax," guess what I found??

I found "how to relax." I can't lie, I was a bit surprised. I googled - yes googled - it 10 different ways, trying to get a different answer and I didn't. Every time, I got the same answers. Sure, I asked people "how do you like to relax?" Someone said, "my favorite time of the day is when I can put my pajamas on and watch t.v." Fair enough.

Yet, it bothers me, we are waiting for pajama time?

WHY can't Google tell me the #1 way people like to relax and yet,

it can tell me the #1 Drinking College in the United States?

PEOPLE! Call me. You clearly need me. And you don't realize it. (okay, that sounds like I'm begging, I'm not.... though we do need to learn to relax) I won't go into a lecture of WHY you need to learn to relax. Your massage therapist, or even your "talk therapist," can tell you WHY you need to learn that relax, and delegate. So how about some fun ways in #SheridanWyoming to relax? and a way to delegate! Let's start with the #funfact that it is still summer. Yep, got 5 weeks and 5 days before the calendar says autumn. So why not enjoy it (though, why not continue to enjoy it as the seasons change? that's my new motto: #enjoy every day to it's fullest!)??? Kendrick Pool comes to mind - it may be filled with parents trying to eek out the last of summer with their littles, and it might not (some have summer school). Still #pooltime #outdoors #sunshine And while you're in the park, stop by and get some #icecream

Golfing (okay, for me, it doesn't come to mind immediately. Golfing raises my stress, hitting that little white ball) - anyways, golfing. There are three golf clubs, open to the public, in Sheridan. Need a tee time? Call me (delegation) Reading. Of the people I asked, reading was the #1 way they relaxed. I personally plan to get "The Art of Racing in the Rain" read before I see it, at the theater.... Speaking of which, why not go see a movie? You can even catch the early show, or a late one? #popcorn #mnms #sodapop In the dark, the calories don't count! #totalrelaxation

Massage. #massage

Look at all those benefits? (I'm not lecturing, I'm sharing)

Need a recommendation? Need an appointment made? Let me get out my rolodex.

Have you never fallen asleep on the massage table? Isn't that the best? and what about the hot rocks? Oh baby....

Or try something new, whether you are #traveling or at home? Take a #cookingclass or an #artclass (I have some fun contacts that will help you make that one of a kind item, and you'll enjoy the comradery)

I'd suggest #flyfishing though that takes a bit more than adding the worm to the hook, though I think the motion of fly fishing is relaxing - and the movie "River Runs Through It," crosses my mind. None the less, if you have you are are a fly-fisherman, and want to head out, I have a few contacts. The key, when trying something new, is to approach it with the enthusiasm and curiosity, of a child. A favorite of mine, is to get outside. Go for the hike; Sheridan has some wonderful hikes, fun places to go, such as #ParadiseFalls

Thank you, Sheridan Travel and Tourism

Or what about dinner, delivered... a custom designed dinner? You give me the information, and I'll get it created and delivered? Oh, the options... so many options!

There's still time to get a horse-back ride in; maybe for some, it's not the most relaxing way to spend a day, but the country-side is still fairly green and lots to see! Other people replied, and I can't lie, this relaxes me too.... to take a drive with loud music! And there are lots of fun roads that loop around (you wouldn't know it) and if you happened to be at #BlacktoothBrewery a few weeks ago, you might have heard some of the best music!

The Gasoline Lollipops were incredible.

The lead's voice ranged from David Bowie to very much like Willie Nelson.

And the energy of the band! You'll be like us...dancing all night. Look them up!

The other musician that I've fallen in love with, was Stoll Vaughan (pictured here). Immediately attracted to a fella with such a darling hat- that's class and character. And then visiting with him, and Elizabeth, while listening to The Two Tracks (local band, and partial instigators to the Tour Bus Music Festival) was just fun.

He's a delight and his music fills my car, every morning and on my most recent trip across the mountain.

And then again, maybe the best... and easiest way to relax, is a hot tub! With sweet, locally, hand-made candles from Sheridan's premier candle company.... Wyo Candle Co. These being poured are a collaboration with the Red Bison (Pottery) Studio, also in Sheridan. Now that, that would be the best way to enjoy - and relax - on this #NationalRelaxationDay ... with locally made candles, in a hot tub, on the full-moon of August.

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