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The Joy of being a Kid Again...

My favorite way to start Saturday morning is head out to Landon's Greenhouse just as soon as possible. Between the green grass, fresh air, flowers, birds chirping, vendors and their fare, artistic endeavors and musicians, the spirit is free...

Every Saturday, with the exception (at least in the past) of January, they host a Farmer's Market. Now while some things have changed due to our current circumstances, the vendors are still as friendly and eager to assist you - there are still new things to be seen - and friends to make, and keep.

However, before we get to the market, there are out-door ways to get your work-out in and support some fun, local causes!

The first, I'll mention is the Big Goose Gallop and Grind... Biking (26 miles or 13 miles) Running (1/2 marathon or 13.1 miles), and a 5K Run (though, I would walk it, and be super proud of it! 2020 has been a little rough). All events, except the 5K begin at 9:00 am, the 5K begins at 10. All proceeds go towards support of the Sheridan Community Land Trust - they are responsible for trails in and around Sheridan (for one)! As I type, I am considering that 5K!

The Animal Shelter and The Unleashed Foundation are also having a 5 Mile Hike at the Hoot and Howl! The staggering start begins at 9:00 am to 11:00 am, you can bring the 4x4 as long as it is/they are leashed (and not on a roaming or "flex" lead). It's not a timed event. They have a Mountain Bike Raffle, $5/ticket.

After you come back from either of these... Landon's Greenhouse along with the Downtown Sheridan Association is hosting their 5th Annual Fall Festival. 35-40 Vendors..... spread out on the front lawn. Food Trucks in addition to the weekly food vendors. Fun vendors that are selling art, t-shirts, stickers. who knows what else (I don't even know who all will be there).... and live music. From 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

The festival, itself is free....

There will be social distancing. In fact, it's been recommended since last spring to stay





This is Maeve. Isn't she beautiful?

(Photo Courtesy of Hoof Heart Ranch, Sheridan WY)

Bring your mask; all the vendors will have them.

A few pictures from this past summer.....

Matt, with Manchester Coffee. He knows his coffee, he'll even grind it to your specifications. He's delightfully fun to talk to - I first met him during the Sheridan Bicycle Shop's "Christmas Roll," a few years ago. I remembered him by his round glasses.

Fresh Garlic ... and those onions. Beautiful... from Box Cross Road Farm. I bought the biggest zucchini (2' tall) I've seen, last week. Shredded it up. I can't wait to see what they have this week!

Sunflower Bakery - a husband and wife team. They make gluten free treats, too.

Ahhhh... Landon's Greenhouse, while they are growing (and selling)tomatoes from the very plants they sell, they are also growing and selling fresh herbs!

Anyways, it's where I'll be this Saturday morning - with mask....

And then afterwards, or on Sunday, though I wouldn't delay too much longer... head out to Koltiska's Pumpkin Patch (bring cash or check). I went out there today. It's a 10 minute drive - even driving slowly to keep the dust down. What I loved on my drive out, there were forks in the road, yet the way was very clearly marked:

So as I meandered around, what kind of felt like someone else's very large squash crop, not necessarily looking for any one pumpkin, I found:

Vivid orange pumpkins, still attached to the vine. Not quite what I was looking for, though I wasn't entirely sure. I'd seen blue pumpkins, white ones, little ones, round... what was it?


Oh my. Delightful. Reminded me a little skirt that swishes around as it moves. I couldn't bring this one home, it was in the hands of a teenage girl.

and then.... and as I turned around to head back to where the tractor and wagon were going to stop, a ride back to picture options, a hamburger or a hot dog and other fun possibilities... a ride for those of us who found one too many... there "she" was.


I found Cinderella, and I knew she was going home with me. (a fellow pumpkin hunter, not only informed me of her "name," also helped me lug me to the tractor wagon)

Of course, Cinderella wouldn't be truly who she is, without her step sisters:

It's the perfect place for you and your littles. I would recommend taking a sturdy bag, one with handles. While you are outside, there were plenty of people out there, even at closing time - and I'd take a mask. There are all sorts of pumpkins out there. It's lively and fun, and you may feel like you are 10 again!

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