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Stay-Cation 2020 Adventure: Let's Garden!

This picture was taken from the #FarmersMarket last summer. Freshly grown in #sheridanwyoming

In Wyoming, we are more or less, a week into this social-distancing. I'm sure a fair amount of people have had their bad moment, bad day. Even I, who can social distance with the best of them, have had, my moments. However, there is something you can do (there are many things to be honest) to lift your spirits, have something to look forward to, an adventure, if you will, that will last well into the fall. Whether your are local, and support our local greenhouse, or you are elsewhere, I bet there is a greenhouse that would love to serve you!

You can start simply enough:

a piece of blank paper, some pencils - colored or those that you bought for that drawing class. And yes, your children's crayons (in my world, they are my crayons) work perfectly.

(Side note, if you are short on said supplies, I'm sure I can find you some - delivery included. In my view, no one ought to be without crayons)

If you have the following, you can hunt for your "idea" - your vegetable or fruit picture, and tape, or paste them onto a piece of paper, or a cardboard box:

Truly, there are so many more magazines than THESE that can help you out. And if you don't have magazines, this could be a time to throw a rock at your neighbors door (kidding, kind of ) and ask... "would you have a magazine or 10 that you aren't using, don't want?" I'd bet 3 bottles of wine, there is a neighbor that has some that would LOVE to give you theirs.

(again, I can hook you up.. and this really isn't a post about me... this is just one area, that I know people).

This is just the planning, which is actually a lot of the fun. From what I've researched, on my own behalf, that a way to lift ones mood, is simply to plan the adventure. It has nothing to do with the adventure itself or how the adventure turns out. It's the looking at your wardrobe and wondering if you have the garden gloves, the sloggers, that old plaid shirt that belonged to your dad, to actually pull this gardening thing off. And if you have music (More on that later) - that's even better.

Back to the task at hand - because this can last you all spring, summer and into the late fall. And the results? Aside from enjoying a flower, a color or the butterflies, there are so many other surprises just, waiting for you! Yes, You.

Have you ever eaten a fresh snap pea from the garden? (don't tell me no... if you are saying "no," here's your chance. Because you NEED to experience the fresh snap pea. It's almost like your first kiss. Depending on who they were, it might be better)

These are useful, though not necessary.

If something is happening in your garden (I mean in June or July) that looks sketchy (something is yellow instead of green) then call your local greenhouse. They know what's suppose to happen in your area. They are your "activity director" for your garden.

If you have done all these steps are you are ready for the whole shabang... don't despair:

You CAN!! and you ought to get started! There are these fun little "kits" (seeds not included, though seeds are not expensive) - and they come in different sizes. So you can start growing lettuce, or pumpkins (they'll all have to be transplanted into the garden in May-ish, anyways.) It's actually entirely possible that you start eating the lettuce and basil and other herbs before they get to the garden. That isn't just something you see on t.v. It's real stuff.

(click on picture to go to Landons!)

Seeds! Color! Something you can actually eat... something fun to look forward to.... the change of the seasons, as spring turns into summer and something you never thought you'd go through, passes.

And starting your Brussels Sprouts now - you may be able to enter them into the County Fair, or who knows what Rooted In Wyoming has planned for their annual fundraiser. Maybe you'd win back your seed money?

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