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Deck of Cards

Yesterday afternoon, as Ruby and I were walking through the park, I saw some teenage boys - hanging out, by a picnic table. In another time (a month ago), one might think they were up to no good... Seeing them made me think of my conversation online with some friends, who have children, and their children are rightfully missing their classmates. And it made me wonder, as this period of time is making most of us wonder, no? It made me wonder if we all didn't just need, a little more play in our life? If play, had been overlooked as an "essential"?

It's a curious question, since I know other countries are having to deal with this nastiness known as COVID19, even though they (from what I've been told), have more play in their daily lives than Americans. None the less, it's something that I ponder.

That being said, I, too, have noticed so many more things, now that we are forced to slow down; now that there isn't a place for us to hang out. I've walked down streets I have only, maybe, driven down previously. Seeing some things for the first time:

A man working on the engine of this little tractor. He moves it around the yard, though it doesn't perform any function, other than to give him something to do and enjoy (yes, I asked)

I know a lot of people have probably met Fast Eddie, have you seen him? Have you seen this boat?? He was a nice surprise on the snowy day, a few weeks ago.

I have had conversations with people I don't know (at a reasonable distance), met a woman who moved here in part because she was tired of the grass looking the same all year, and to get to know her 5 yo grandson- her daughter's only child.

I've seen people preparing for the delayed Dead-Swede by riding their bikes up the hill, from Kendrick Park, across the walk/ride-way on the back side of Kendrick Mansion and around. Brothers, parents and children, and friends.

Some, simply enjoying the sunshine and a little meditation.

He made me pause. He made me want to tie Ruby up, find a tree, and join.

I have found myself laughing more (usually at myself) - especially when I realize, that others saw "that too," such as, Ruby and I get tangled up, in her dog leash.

I see the chickadees,


Children's Side-Walk Chalk Art (though I have seen it on fences)

Interesting door-ways; do you know where this is??

And as I walk, my mind travels - as it usually does. Yesterday, I thought of my dad, who always traveled with a deck of cards. In fact, after his passing, I found a deck under the seat of his truck. He could always find a good poker game.

I walk because I enjoy it. Sometimes it's meditative, whether it be a problem to "figure out," or a speech to prepare, my mind roams as my music plays. I also walk because I have the little two-step 4x4 that needs to go for walk-abouts, regularly. She dances with excitement at the mere thought of escaping the house (sounds familiar doesn't it?)... and thankfully she hasn't tired of the walks.

And sometimes, I like to mix it up - and see how I can handle the cards I'm dealt -

Tomorrow, join Seth Larson, owner of Cloud Peak CrossFit in Sheridan, Wyoming, as he, and his two sons, lead a WOD known as "Deck of Cards." He will tell you, it's not about you joining his gym, or even Crossfit. It's about moving. It's about doing something really good (okay, these may not be his words) for you, for your mind, and for your body. It'll be a live stream at 11:00 am and can be found on the Visit Sheridan Facebook page... and no matter what you may have heard about CrossFit ... How terrible can it be?? when your gym coach leaves a message like this on the door.....

Love, Seth.

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