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Adventures at Home

While there really isn't anything more frustrating? than not getting to do what you had wanted (for me, it was spending the weekend, out of town, with family - watching not only my nephew, but some of his buddies, who I have enjoyed watching play ball for the last three years) or planned! However, at a time like this when, staying home - staying away from a mass of people - could not just make your life better, it could also save lives, well, let me provide you with some options.

Immediately below, are things that aren't cancelled. What might you do, if you don't have crayons/art supplies, jump ropes/hula hoops, games? Contact me (307) 752-3670 and I'll go pick them up and deliver! Need some other ideas not on here, call me, let's chat!

Do you need groceries? and you can't go out??

Call these guys! They are super fun and very kind.

Just need to chat, because this experience is scary, and completely out of the norm? Call! Call a friend, call Northern Wyoming Mental Health, call your mom, your sister, or your neighbor.

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