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February is for..... Skijoring, Music, Sledding and so much more

In just under three weeks, the Winter Rodeo will be happening in Sheridan, Wyoming. Skijoring. Unlike the Cutter Races that have taken place in Jackson Hole in February, since probably before I was a little girl, Skijoring involves a rider on a horse, pulling someone on skis. They are to go through a course, which includes hills, jumps and rings. Up until this year, it was held in #downtown Sheridan; this year, it will be at the Sheridan County Fair Grounds and below is the map.

Ought to be a fun weekend. In addition to the music at both Black Tooth Brewery and Luminous Brewhouse (aka #sheridanslivingroom), there is The Everly Brothers Experience on Friday February 17 at the WYO Theater and Kathy Mattea and Suzy Boggs will be performing on Sunday February 19.

Guess what? There are lots of other things to do in Sheridan; both this weekend and throughout the month of February.

One such thing, that I've heard countless people ask since November is - "where can we go sledding?" Good question; turns out there are places in town and up the mountain.

I think sledding has got to be one of the more enjoyable activities – if you are like me, and athleticism isn’t your thing, you won’t fail at sledding. Plus everyone ought to sleep better, after being outside, laughing and making memories.

My first three suggestions for sledding are within 10 minutes (if that) of each other.

The first is the Trail End State Historic Site; they are having Family Sled Day on Sunday, February 12 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. If you can't make it then, you can go down their hill any time.

This picture was taken in November, 2022 of the Trail End/ Kendrick Mansion and it's "sledding" hill from the walking path.

Standing in the yard at the Trail nd State Historical Site, today - February 2023, I viewed the sledding hill and as you see in both pictures, the deer love the spot too.

The deer were not scared of me, though they weren't overly friendly. You'll be fine.

This pathway connects the Trail End Kendrick Mansion area to Kendrick Park (and if you have visited the Mansion during their now annual Christmas with the Kendricks, then you can appreciate this park a little more than those who have not).

I love this little pathway. It easily handles a group of people, dogs passing one another, a bicycle, dare I say a skate board, a one-wheel or roller skates (not for me, though, I would kill myself).

And if one wants to drag their sled from the Mansion down to the next little hillside, this is a great way to do it.

Down from the Trail End is Kendrick Park. This little sled location, by the band-shell is for the child that is willing to make a "run" at it, land on his/her knees and skate on down the small hill.

It's also for the independent child that you know won't get into any mysterious cars, that you can leave for an hour or two (I would think two hours tops due to the nature of this small hill) while you go for a walk around the park, go shopping down town, or take a nap! OR you can join them too.

Heading out of Kendrick Park, take a left onto Loucks. In roughly two blocks, you'll hang a right onto Griffith. You'll stay on Griffith as it turns to the left and becomes West Burkitt. In one block (and the blocks are slightly staggered from the left to the right) you'll hang another right on Linden and then a left, on Whitney Street. On your left hand side, will be houses and the right, a white building surrounded. At the end of that block on the right hand side, there is a very dead-end street and at the base, is "Linden Hill." If you don't see people with their sleds, you most definitely will see a set of wooden stairs. People sled this hill. And some probably go up and down the stairs while the “short people” sled.

Before I send you up the mountain, I want to mention the Dan Madia Football Field, at the corner of 11th and Dana. I would say those 4’ and under would have a good time here.

When the snow is deep, I would think that a parent with cross county skis could get exercise and ski around this football field while their child got exercise and fun, lugging their sled up the small hill and going down it.

Definitely a family area with a parking lot.

Now... to head out of town. Up the mountain to the full blown sledding area, “The Bowl.”

Before I give you directions to "The Bowl," I have a few recommendations if you haven’t ever been – Either stop in Ranchester at Innominate Coffee House to pick up something to take with you; pack a lunch, contact me to get a picnic lunch together for you and your family …. Or plan to go on up the mountain later, to Bear Lodge. Though I think the best idea, is to take it with you.

So let’s head up the mountain…. First, get on the interstate, going North towards Ranchester. You’ll take the first exit and go through Ranchester. If you don’t stop anywhere, you’ll continue on, passing through Dayton and head up the Mountain!

The road will curve and be winding; the views may be pretty, or cloudy or foggy – one simply never knows. It could be sunny and warm down town and snowing on the mountain. You’ll pass Arrowhead Lodge which is on the left hand of the road and soon after, not only do you gain altitude, the road curves to the left. And here is “The Bowl.” Most likely, there will be cars and trucks off to this side of the road and you won’t have to guess if you are “there.” Sometimes there will be snowmobiles there too, mostly to haul a sled up the hill. People tend to make a day of it, and you ought to, too!

Make sure to check out my IG and FB (steppinoutwithstella) post and story throughout the month(s) for more activities, events and places to be. Happy Sledding!

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